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Work through the steps below to select the appropriate statistical test for your research. If we do not have a study design that matches your own, contact me.

Do you want to

Associations or Correlations

Often see research questions that measure associations/correlations using the word "relationship", or sometimes not mention any of these words.

Predict a score or membership of a group

The statistical techniques allow you to understand the importance of each independent variable separately, and how much they contribute (as a percentage) to the predicted score.

differences between groups or conditions/treatments

Determine differences between groups from between unrelated (independent) groups, to related groups, as well as both related and unrelated groups.

Assess One sample tests

Describe & compare a variable from a sample to a known distribution. The tests are only appropriate when you you are dealing with a single variable from one sample/group

Assess reliability

There are four general types of reliability: (a) test-retest reliability; (b) inter-rater reliability; (c) internal consistency; and (d) test comparisons.

reliability, regression, factor analysis, correlation, compare group